EPNS FREE Webinar 9 December 2020: MOG Diseases

EPNS FREE Webinar 9 December 2020: MOG Diseases
In recent years, several paediatric monophasic and multiphasic immune-mediated acquired demyelinating syndromes (ADS) like acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, optic neuritis and transverse myelitis have been shown to be associated with the presence of antibodies targeting myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG-ab), a small yet important component of the myelin sheet. Importantely, this entity here called MOG- associated diseases (MOGAD), is clearly distinct from other diseases such as childhood MS or AQP4 associated NMOSD.
This webinar will therefore primarily address clinical relevant aspects of this y new disease entity such as role of MOG abs in the disease process, which technique to use for MOG-abs testing, spectrum of monophasic/multiphasic diseases associated with MOG antibodies, how to treat children with MOGAD in addition remaining open questions.
Speaker: Professor Kevin Rostasy

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Free: Neurometabolic Training Course, Nov 13-14 2020

Free: Neurometabolic Training Course, Nov 13-14 2020

We’ve made the decision to transition the 4th EPNS Caucasus Teaching Course 2020 to a fully virtual event. This will help eliminate the limitations of having to travel to a single location and open the opportunity for more participants to attend.

Trainees and qualified paediatric neurologists who want to refresh their knowledge on clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment options in neurometabolic diseases.

Date: 13-14 November 2020

Topic:  Neuro-metabolic diseases in childhood

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